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Premium Cat Litter For Litter-smart

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Our all-natural, clay-clumping cat litter contains no additives and only one ingredient: sun-dried clay. The best litter for Litter-smart is naturally unscented, and forms tight clumps fast while locking in odors. Sun-drying the clay promotes a low-dust litter and soft texture that cats love.

  • 20 lbs. of litter per bag
  • Natural sodium bentonite
  • No additives or perfumes
  • Superior odor management
  • Low dust, low tracking

The best cat litter for the Litter-smart

Litter-smart self-cleaning capabilities rely on clumping cat litter to separate waste from clean litter. A high-quality, quick-clumping clay litter like ours works best.

Superior odor control

The natural properties found in sodium bentonite help to greatly reduce the release of the ammonia scent caused by cat urine by quickly absorbing the liquid.


Low dust, low tracking


Our low-dust clumping kitty litter ensures that your litter box won’t be covered in residue—and neither will your house.

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